About Us

Oodnadatta is a small, safe community situated on the edge of the Simpson Desert, and suffering the extremes of temperature often associated with desert living. Socially, the town displays little in the way of anti-social behaviour or crime, and the size of the community and its expectations of children provide a unique environment where children are free to explore and play across the town. The community supports new people into town. Oodnadatta boasts a long and interesting history.

Long time community members are willing to share their knowledge and history if asked. Apart from CDEP income, the town is largely economically dependent on Cattle stations and Tourism. Tourists regularly drive the Oodnadatta track and stop in Oodnadatta on their way through. Cattle stations make up the other local industry, with the town being surrounded by cattle stations, and many local community members finding work in this area. In addition, more and more income is being derived from mining in this region with the recent development of the Prominent Hill mine south of Coober Pedy, and the proposed expansion of Olympic Dam.

Vision Statement

Education and learning are the keys to the future. Learning is a life long process and the skills needed to learn are the foundations of a successful life. The Oodnadatta Aboriginal School is an exciting stimulating environment for students, staff, and community to engage with the curriculum. Students at Oodnadatta are self directed learners who are engaged in their learning process. The learning community at Oodnadatta is owned by all participants within the school and the community, and all participants are leaders in the learning process. Real learning is connected, constructive, fun, and based on trust, respect, and high expectations.

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